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Dedicated to Walt Disney :)
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thank u to some who faved my art so far, I promise to keep up the good work and to draw more ;)

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MMD Pose Renders...
Elsa And Miku Hanging Out By Shiloh by rynda101
Breaking the Habit Cover WIP by rynda101
Demongo and Elsa, the Dynamic Duo by rynda101
IA, Yohi, and Blocky by rynda101
Old Marcy and New Marcy by rynda101
New Selfie :3 by rynda101
Okay, I got the hang of MikuMikuDance. I can do picture renders. I am really good at that. Just send me a dl of your model (if you are comfortable) and I will make a picture.
Digital Media
Miranda of the Ocean by rynda101
What I've Become by rynda101
Dancing Under The White Sky by rynda101
Ready To Fly by rynda101
Spirit Of The Trees by rynda101
I'm One With The Wind And Sky by rynda101
I'm not good with a mouse, but I'll certainly try my best
Traditional Media
The Last Human Book Cover WIP by rynda101
Blackbeard by rynda101
The Last Human Girls by rynda101
Wrecking Ball Comic by rynda101
This Is What I Get For Watching Ren And Stimpy by rynda101
Sierra Webigail by rynda101
I love doing traditional art, makes me feel like Leonardi Di Vinci
Animations :)
I can animate on stick draw, not too complicated though. Now for 100 points :)


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Rynda and Anya - Gift - WIP by rynda101
Rynda and Anya - Gift - WIP
I have been thinking about drawing these two together, but never really got to it until out of the blue.

Anya belongs to Segamonsaga
Rynda belongs to rynda101 (me)
Random Scene WIP by rynda101
Random Scene WIP
This is just a random scene where Reimu shows off her magic.

Probably not Touhou magic, but whatever...

And yes Thanatos is in it (he looks ridiculous doesn't he)

Reimu Hakurei is from Touhou, which belongs to Team Shanghai Alice/ZUN

Thanatos is from The Last Human, which belongs to me

Made with MikuMikuDance and Sony Vegas Pro 9
Lights by rynda101
She can tickle a gnarly synth

Second meme I used the word "Tickle" XD
Chapter 4: Looking For You

   (Miguel’s POV)

   “Miguel! Miranda, Annie and Glen have been gone for two hours now!” Sonny ran into the Selina Rose with a terrified look on his face.
   I looked at the elf with a worried look.
   I took out my pocket watch and looked at the time.
   Holy crap, it’s practically sunset.
   “Miranda said that she and Glen were going hunting, and Annie said that she’s out to get firewood.” Sonny added.
   “I know what they said! Miranda told me that she was huntin’ for rabbits and deer. What’s taking them so damn long?”

   Oh my lord, I really hope nothing happened to them.
   “Sonny, I want you to gather everyone and meet me in here. We have to go out and look for them.” I ordered when Sonny nodded and left the boat.
   After hearing the news, I didn’t even know what to think.
   Did they get lost? Attacked by random ruffians? Stolen by bounty hunters? Stolen by Thanatos even?
   Oh god…please don’t tell me Thanatos found her, from what she told me, Miranda was terribly afraid of him, her own stepfather, because of what he did to her eleven years ago…
   I will kill you for this, Thanatos…just wait and see…
   “Miguel, what in tarnation is goin’ on here?” I hear Grampy, an old half elf who owns the Selina Rose, walk in with a few of our friends.

   “Yes Miguel, do tell.” Miranda’s friend, Marcy, requested as she took a seat.
   Soon, everyone came in to take their seats to listen to what I have to say.
   I held my breath before I spoke, “Miranda, Annie, and Glen have been gone for two hours.”
   “Oh, that’s why it’s been too quiet around here.” Sierra said sarcastically, probably referring to Annie, before being nudged in the elbow by Sam.
   From what I’ve seen from those two, their relationship is equivalent to a cat and dog’s.
   “We have to find them as soon as possible, before something or someone finds them before we do.”
   After what seemed to be a short meeting, I ordered everyone to grab out some lanterns and some cloaks, because we were not going to sleep tonight until we find them or at least we have a clue of what happened to them.

Later that night…
   “Miranda! Annie! Glen! Where are you?!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, holding my lantern up in the air for light.
   The moon just came up, and we’ve been looking everywhere in this god-forsaken forest.
   “Glen! Where are you, hun?!” Patti, Miranda’s porcupine, yelled as she scurried around.
   Arthur, Grampy’s flying squirrel, swooped down and landed onto my shoulder.
   “Any sign of them?” I asked when he shook his tiny head.
   “Hey Miguel, I found a lot of wood up here.” Giles, Marcy’s ghost brother, informed as he looked down at me from a hill above us, pointing at a pile of wood just sitting in the middle of the forest tracks.
   That was probably the wood that Annie was bringing back, why would she have dropped them?

   “Miguel…” my foster brother Quintin uttered.
   “I think you should come and look at this.” His voice was quivering in fear as I walked over to where he stood.
   He pointed at some object that was hung on a tree, and it had words written on it.
   It was a note.
   I pulled the note off of the tree and sat on my knees.
   “To whom this may concern…
   I am the awesome Prussia and you’re not. I was guessing you would speak English, so I’ll make this simple for you. If this is her friend that is reading this note that I left here, I just snatched your royal friend, Miranda McLaura. Oh, France and Spain helped me on it too. I also took the she-wolf because she tried to attack us and we sort of took the goose on accident. But it was fun. If you’re stupid enough to go look for us, be my guest, but you’ll never find us. Just saying. Kesesesese ~.
   P.S. If you pulled the note off of the tree without taking the nail off first then you’re stupid and I laugh at you.
   More P.S. If you want to find out why we took the spoiled brat in the first place, unfold the paper.”

   I unfolded the paper, and to my horror, a portrait of my childhood friend was drawn on it with a bunch of words that were written in German.
   It was a wanted poster!
   I found more English writing below the paper.
   “Do you see it now?
I laugh at you.
   Sincerely, Prussia. I am awesome!”
   I stood up and looked up at Quintin.
I read the price on it, “100 000 000 Silbermünzen.”
From what I read, Silber sounded like silver.
100 000 000 silver coins!
My fiancé was kidnapped by countries? Who are after her for money?
Oh god…
The Daring Adventure: Chapter 4
Sorry if it's a really short. But you know what they say, the short scenes are often the most dramatic.

Yes, Miguel mentioned that Miranda was his fiance, they plan on getting married when she turns 18, which in this universe, would be two years away. Thanatos is not gonna be a happy guy once his finds out. BTW they're keeping their engagement a secret from others.

I would like to also note that Prussia left behind a...well...note before they threw the girls and goose into the carriage. I tried to make it feel like Prussia wrote it himself (I think I failed on that part). 

Well, I hope you enjoy :)
Rape Face? by rynda101
Rape Face?
Naw...he never wanted to commit rape. He just wants to tickle you ;D

France is from Hetalia, which belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz


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Hey guys, for commissions, you can donate here so I can pay people to do commissions for me and then probably get a premium account. Thank u

Sincerely, rynda101 :)

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Hey watchers...

One day when I finish The Last Human, I want to get it published.

But I can't really have the actual story on the internet, so I will be deleting the story off of deviantART.

I will keep The Daring Adventure, since it's technically a fan fiction, and I will also leave the artwork and some animations for you fans to enjoy.

Sincerely, rynda101


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Merynda O'Connor
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
My name is Merynda O'Connor, a manga and cartoon artist and author from Canada.

Once you watch me, you are part of the Watcher Army (of course I'll watch back :))

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My other accounts:…
I am the second oldest of six, my older sister Jazzimin(22), the next is me(16), Nahlla(14), DJ(12), Shiloh(7) and Riley(4) and two little nephews, Koolie (4) and Reese (1)

I am the administrator of my Disney fan-club, :iconepicdisney-the-2nd: my slenderman group, :iconslender-man-comics:, and my Samurai Jack fan club :iconsamuraijackfans101:

I am a founder of my home studio, Electroni Lights.

Age: 16 years old

Hair Colour: Light Brown (my hair changed over time)

Eye Colour: Blue

Fav Colour: Green

Status: Hopeless Romantic

Personality: I am a very shy girl and I'm afraid that if i do something i would get a handful of people mad. i like to draw twenty-four/seven. i am energetic when it comes to new ideas that pop up in my head.

I also have a disorder. Autism Spectrum Disorder. And I get mad so easily.

Book(s) currently writing: The Last Human, IA With Courage, Sparrow's Song, Cam Stone, Star Wars Armada, and Epic Mickey: The Return Of The Shadow Blot.

Books currently in the Last Human Saga: Stalking Melosa, The Stranger in the Bedroom, and The Mantis Gypsy.

Graphic Novel(s)/Manga in writing: Slender House Vol. 1

Short Stories: Tale of Cadet Casey (BLoSC), The Girl and the Demon, The Mantis Gypsy, and the Stranger in the Bedroom.

Fav Moment: Won the Visual Arts Medal at Graduation

Goal in life: To become an animator and have my very own animation studio, help donate to the homeless people, and try to meet new people

My first deviation: 8-Pic Photo by rynda101

I allow people to post this somewhere: Post this somewhere! by rynda101


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