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thank u to some who faved my art so far, I promise to keep up the good work and to draw more ;)

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Okay, I got the hang of MikuMikuDance. I can do picture renders. I am really good at that. Just send me a dl of your model (if you are comfortable) and I will make a picture.
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I'm not good with a mouse, but I'll certainly try my best
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I love doing traditional art, makes me feel like Leonardi Di Vinci
Animations :)
I can animate on stick draw, not too complicated though. Now for 100 points :)


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Chapter 16: Shilo

 It was finally morning, and as promised, Glen, Patti, and Tommy got to work gathering firewood for Grampy.
 They set out into the jungle and picked up sticks along the way.
 “Just think, we can have an adventure of our own.” Glen smiled happily as he waddled along while carrying his sticks with his wings.
 “What adventure would that be, honey?” Patti asked as she too walked with sticks in her tiny arms.
 “No doubt it would involve lions, and tigers, and bears.” Tommy retorted, using his only stick as a weapon.
 “Oh my!” Glen and Patti replied playfully.
 “Just think about fairies and you won't be scared of everything. You know, like the fairies you see in the Nutcracker play we always used to go to.” Glen encouraged as he picked up another stick.

 “First of all, it's not a play, it's a ballet put on by professionals. And secondly, it's specifically the Sugar Plum Fairies you're talking about.” Tommy pointed his stick into the air.
 Suddenly, he could hear a faint sound coming from the jungle.
 “Oh my, I think I hear something. But I can't seem to make it out.”
 “Tommy, are you trying to scare us or something, buddy?” Glen asked as he and Patti turned around.
 “Nothing dangerous actually. It's more like...” Tommy figured as he looked around until the faint sound became louder, and more clearly.
 “Music?” Patti finished the sentence when she dropped her sticks.
 Glen looked at the two with a confused look, “What's going on here?”

 “Tommy, I think there's something on your back.” Patti pointed when Tommy turned around, only to find a bright pink pixie on his shell.
 It had bright pink hair to match the dress and wings, and pale skin.
 “Oh my gosh, it must be a Sugar Plum fairy!” Patti shouted excitedly when the pixie flew into the air.
 The two looked up into the canopy to find more pixies of different colour flying around.
 “What are they lookin' at?” Glen wondered when he too looked to the canopy, only to find no pixies in sight.
 “Let dance!” Tommy announced when he stood on his toes and danced to the music, as did Patti.
 They were following the pixies through the pathway of the jungle.

 “Hey, where do you think you guys are going?!” Glen yelled as he dropped his sticks and hoisted himself into the air.
 “Guys! We're supposed to be finding firewood!” the gander yelled as he flew as fast as he could.
 Tommy and Patti could not hear him, all they had their minds focused on was the music, dancing, and following the pixies.
 Glen continued to fly, “Guys, where are you going?!” he shouted until he unknowingly hit a tree.
 “Yep, just like the good old times.” the gander smiled before falling to the grass.
 He could still see Tommy and Patti dancing down the path, but he needs to get to higher ground in order to see where they're going.
 So he got back up onto his webbed feet and flew into the air.

 Up ahead, he found a muddy swamp.
 “Oh no, they don't know what they're getting themselves into!” the gander said to himself before flying towards his friends.
 “I never had this much fun in years.” Patti said as she continued to dance.
 “Me neither darling.” Tommy agreed when he was just one step away from walking into the swamp.
 “Glen the gander coming to the rescue!!!” Glen screeched as loud as he could, making the pixies cover their ears, and disappear into thin air.
 Patti stopped dancing and shook her head, “What happened?”
 “Help!” Tommy cried out as he sank into the muddy swamp.

 Glen landed onto the ground, “Tommy, grab onto my tail feathers! Quick!”
 The turtle in distress used his remaining hand to grab onto the gander's tail feathers.
 “Patti, I need your help to pull him out of the swamp. Grab my feathers!”
 Patti grabbed onto Glen's feathers and began to pull.
 They used all their strengh until finally, they pulled Tommy out of the swamp.
 After pulling him out, Tommy was covered in mud.
 “Tommy, are you alright?” Patti asked as she grabbed a leaf to wipe off the mud.

 “I think I saw my life flash before my eyes.” Tommy whimpered as he hid himself in his shell.
 Glen rolled his eyes and smiled, “Oh, stop being such a drama queen.”
 “What happened just now?” the porcupine questioned.
 “You two went cookoo and walked right into a swamp.” Glen answered.
 “Patti and I heard music play, we saw Sugar Plum fairies, and we danced. How come you haven't heard anything?” Tommy questioned as he slowly popped out of his shell.
 “I'm tone deaf, remember?”
 Patti and Tommy looked at each other with confusion, then remembered.

 “Oh, that explains why you didn't enjoy the Nutcracker as much as we did.”
 “I didn't say I didn't like the Nutcracker, it's the music that I couldn't understand.” the gander explained when the two nodded.
 “You guys!” Arthur swooped in and landed on the ground.
 “Grampy has asked of me to check up on you guys. He's worried about you guys being gone for so long. I'm glad you guys are okay.” the squirrel informed when the four heard rustling coming from the bushes in front of them.
 “Brace yourselves, it could be a dangerous animal.” Arthur warned.
 “It better not be one of those Sugar Plum fairies.” Tommy whimpered before going back into his shell.
 Arthur slowly looked to Tommy with a confused look, “What?”

 “It's a long story.” Patti said when the bushes shook again.
 They squeezed their eyes shut, bracing for impact.
 But then, just when they thought they were going to be attacked by a dangerous animal, the attack never came.
 The four opened their eyes to find a young girl sitting in front of them.
 She tilted her head in curiousity.
 She had a headband around her head with a feather sticking out of the back, and she wore a long beige dress.
 She also had purple skin and cat ears.

 In her arms, she held a sewn doll.
 “Oh...” Patti uttered when the girl backed away in fear.
 “Oh no, we're not gonna to hurt you. We're small and harmless.” Glen reassured, but the girl only held onto her doll tightly.
 “Hmm...she's a shy one isn't she?” Arthur thought.
 “What's your name?” Tommy asked as the young girl looked up at the four.
 She was quiet for moment before finally answering, “Shilo...”
 “Well that's a pretty name, hun.” Patti smiled.

 The girl smiled back.
 But at the same time, she had a sad expression on her face.
 “Is there something wrong, Shilo?” Tommy questioned, tilting his head.
 Shilo nodded.
 “Can you please tell us?” Glen also questioned.
 Shilo stood up and turned, and waved her arm towards her direction, gesturing the animals to follow her.
 “Let's go guys,” the squirrel yelled as he climbed a tree, “We have but a moment to lose!”

 He ran on all fours on a branch and lifted himself into the air.
 Glen carried Patti and Tommy on his back and lifted into the air, following Shilo through the jungle.
 At last, they came to a stop to a view of a cliff.
 Shilo uncovered the leaves of a bush while the animals peered at the cliff beside her.
 They could see a ship below with people aboard.
 Then they saw a line of people walking towards the ship, chained together.
 They heard screaming of men yelling at the people, ordering them to walk faster, and the crack of whips thrown onto them as if they were mules.

 “Is that your people down there, Shilo?” Patti quried when the girl nodded.
 “Get up here you vermins! We haven't got all day!” a familiar voice was heard from below.
 Arthur pulled down his goggles over his eyes and turned a switch attached to the goggles to zoom in at the ship.
 He quickly sighted who he did not expect to find.
 “Oh no,” Arthur shook his head in disbelif.
 “What is it, Arthur?” Tommy questioned with a worried look.

 Arthur reset his goggles/binoculars to it's original state and pulled them back over his helmet before answering, “It's Blackbeard, Grampy's lifelong enemy.”
 “Blackbeard!” The trio shouted in unison.
 “You know him?”
 “He locked us in a cage and tied the kids in ropes, while Miranda and Miguel hung from a tall mast in chains. We escaped him before we found you guys.” Glen explained.
 “Grampy had gotten himself into a lot of skirmishes with that fellow down there throughout his life. The three vamps used to work for him before they joined Grampy.”
 “But what's he doing on this island? What's he doing to Shilo's people?” Patti questioned.
 “What ever he's doing, he's usually up to no good.”

 “We have to get the others before Blackbeard and his goons take off with Shilo's people! They must know about this!” Glen announced as he bent down to let Patti and Tommy get on his back.
 “C'mon Shilo, we're going to introduce you to a couple friends of ours.” Arthur smiled as he pulled the goggles down over his eyes and leaped into the air.
 The animals flew back to the boat while Shilo followed from behind.
 At the entrence of the boat stood both Sam and Annie socializing, while Movan, Marco, and Flea sat around a table playing cards.
 “Hey guys! We got an emergency here!” Glen yelled at the top of his lungs to get the others' attention.
 “You guys? What are you doing here? I thought you were getting firewood for Grampy.” Movan asked as he placed down his cards and sat up.
 “Movan, you aren't supposed to show your cards.” Marco reminded when Movan glared at him.

 “Who is she?” Annie asked as she pointed to Shilo, standing at the bottom of the ramp.
 “This is Shilo, and she needs our help. We have to get everyone out here right away!” Tommy panicked when Sam placed his hands on the turtle's “shoulders.”
 “What the heck is going on?”
 “Blackbeard is here! He took her people and made slaves out of them!” Patti chimed in.
 “Are you guys sure about this?” Sam asked suspiciously, tilting his head.
 “Have we been wrong to you?” Glen began, “I mean when it's important!”
 “Quick, we have to get everyone!” Movan said as he ran inside the boat.

 There was a few minutes of silence and tension until they heard a symphony of footsteps running towards the exit.
 Movan was the first to run out of the door.
 Grampy went out second, as he straped a rifle behind his back.
 Sonny came out third and so on.
 Everyone had their weapons ready to go for a fight.
 They gathered around as Shilo shyly walked up the ramp.
 “Everyone, this is Shilo. We found her while we were out collecting wood. And she needs our help to free her people from Blackbeard and his band of pirates.” Patti explained.

 “Blackbeard's here, eh? Well, looks like I have a score to settle with him.” Grampy smiled as he walked down the ramp.
 “What do you suggest we do?” Miranda questioned when Grampy turned to face her.
 “We'll plan somethin' when we get there.”
 Miranda gave herself a facepalm, “Rule #27: If you attack without a plan, it will possibly end in failure.” she thought to herself as she walked down the ramp.
 “Marco, Flea!” Grampy shouted when the two vampires stood at attention.
 “I want you two to keep watch over this little girl until we get back.”
 Grampy then turned to Movan, “And as for you, you're on firewood duty. Get as much wood as you can and get ol' Selina Rose goin'.”

 “I'll lead you guys to where they are.” Arthur announced as he placed his goggles over his eyes once again and shot up into the air like a gun shot.
 “Follow that squirrel!” Sonny pointed to the sky as he ran after Arthur, as did everyone else except for the three vampires and Shilo.
Chapter 16: Shilo
I wanted to make a part with Glen, Patti, and Tommy in it. They barely get their own scene.
Chapter 15: Doubts and Regrets

 “Dinner!” Grampy called everyone to the dining area with a long table, long enough to fit everyone, including the three animals.
 Everyone got there first, while Miranda slowly walked into the dining area.
 “Princess Miranda, sit here!” Flea offered a seat between him and Grampy, as she nodded and sat down.
 “Princess?” Marco called as he held a plate of chicken in his hand, “Do you want some chicken?” he asked.
 “No thank you, I'm a vegetarian.” Miranda politely refused as Marco nodded and gone to another person.
 “Movan, give the princess some salad, and only salad.” Marco called out as Movan looked up at his brother while holding a bowl of Ceaser Salad.
 “Why?” Movan rose an eyebrow.

 “Because the princess has told me personally that she is a vegetarian.”
 “What's a vegetarian?” Movan asked, scratching his hair in confusion.
 “Someone who takes care of pets.” Flea answered.
 “No, no...that's a veternarian, Flea.” Arthur corrected.
 “ she must be a vegan.” Grampy added when Miranda and Sonny looked up with confusion.
 “Wait a minute! You're a vegan?! Since when did you stop drinking milk?” Sonny questioned as he half-smiled, when Marcy placed her hand on his shoulder.
 “A vegan is a person who doesn't eat or drink any dairy product.” Marcy corrected.

 “Enough!” Miranda shouted at the top of her lungs when everyone looked at her.
 “A vegetarian is a person who only eats fruits and vegetables, and they cannot and absolutely not eat anything with a face. And yes, I still drink milk.” Miranda explained as she hid her head under her arms.
 “See Flea, I told you she wasn't a vampire!” Movan slapped Flea at the side of the head.
 “Okay, okay! You don't need to slap me for it!”
 “Can we eat now?” Sierra whined as she slammed her knife and fork against the table.
 Miguel looked behind him to find Sam climbing down the stairs into the dining room, rubbing his eye and yawned.
 “Hey sleeping beauty, how'd you sleep?” Annie smiled as she pulled out a seat for him beside her as he sat down.

 “This place is so big, I almost got lost trying to get here.” Sam explained when Annie giggled innocently.
 Grampy looked to his right to a closet with words painted “Firewood,” he could see the closet door half open, and only a little bit of wood left.
 “Tomorrow morning, we need to get some firewood to get this here boat a goin'.” Grampy announced as the group looked up at him.
 Glen raised his wing, “Me, Patti, and Tommy will find some wood for you.”
 “Glen, what are you doing? We're too small to lift wood by ourselves. The three of us know that, don't we?” Tommy reminded, when Patti stood between the two.
 “Oh honey, I remember you saying something like that about Miranda's birthday present. But we did it anyway, didn't we? And it came out fantastic. If we can make a good birthday present, we can certainly pick up a few pieces of wood.” Patti remembered when Tommy placed his thumb on his mouth.
 “ do make a good point Patti. In that case I'm in.” Tommy agreed when he nodded his head.

 Patti looked up to her right at Miranda, who wore a sad expression on her face, and was only eating little bits of her food.
 “What's wrong, Rinny?” Patti queried when the princess looked down at the porcupine.
 Miranda sighed, then took another small bite of her food, “It's nothing.”
 Despite the answer, the porcupine could see the sadness on her face.
 “Is it because everyone was asking what a vegetarian was? It's nothing to feel sad about, everyone was just having a little fun.” Patti reassured her, making Miranda smile for a moment, before letting out a another sigh.
 “Patti, I'm alright.” she said.
 Marcy could see the sadness in Miranda's eyes, the same sadness she saw when they where going back inside the boat.

 She leaned over to Annie and whispered in her ear, “Annie, I think something's wrong with your cousin.”
 Annie's eyes widened, and she then looked at her sad cousin.
 “What for?” she questioned.
 Miguel, who sat across from her, could also see the sadness in Miranda's eyes.
 “Rin, are you okay?” he asked when Miranda looked up at him.
 “Of course I am, why wouldn't I be?” she chuckled nervously when she looked back at her salad.
 “You barely ate your food.” Miguel pointed his fork at her food, which had only a few salad leaves eaten.

 “I guess I'm not too hungry...” Miranda soon replied.
 Miguel stared at her with a worried expression on his face.

 Hours later...
 According to the clock, it was past two in the morning.
 Miranda tossed and turned in her bed, hid her head under her pillow, even counted sheep.
 But she could not get some sleep.
 So she slowly rose up from the bed.
 She was tired, but yet something is forcing her to stay awake.
 She then thought, “Those poor people needed my help and I just left them behind. I shouldn't have listened to Annie, that way we could've stopped Bulger and saved them.”

 Miranda slid off her bed and sat on the ground, holding her knees against her chest.
 All of her life, she only thought about what was right for her friends and family, and worried about the smallest chances of Thanatos finding her again.
 And most of all, being the last human girl in the world.
 Oh how wrong she was.
 Ever since she left Botta Hill, she began to feel doubt within herself, something she never felt before.
 She then looked up at a painting of a woman holding a baby in her arms.
 “What would you do if you regret something?” she questioned.

 “Look towards the brightside.” someone answered in her mind, when she shot up in surprise within the next second.
 She turned to the direction of the bedroom door to spot Patti standing there in between Glen and Tommy.
 Miranda smiled at the three as they walked into the room.
 “Patti told us you weren't feeling too good during dinner.” Glen mentioned as he climbed onto the bed and sat down.
 “Can you explain to us, Miranda?” Tommy requested.
 Miranda turned and thought if she was ready to explain her troubles to her friends, then turned with a worried expression on her face.
 “ guys deserve to know.” she said.

 “As do we.” another voice was heard when the four looked up at the door.
 It revealed to be Annie and Miguel, who also wanted to know why Miranda was depressed.
 They sat beside her.
 “Do you guys remember Botta Hill?” Miranda reminded when the group nodded.
 “Well, those people needed us, and we put them in danger.”
 Annie looked at Miguel for a moment before looking back at her cousin.
 “Miranda, I know you care for your people, and I like that. But they can help themselves. They are strong like us.” Annie encouraged as she put her arm over Miranda's shoulders.

 “But not strong enough to face Thanatos's wrath.” Miranda replied as she held her knees against her chest.
 “What are you saying?” Tommy questioned with a sad look on his face.
 “I just...don't want them to suffer the same fate as my people did in the Massacre.”
 “Honey, I'm really sorry you feel this way. But you need to let go of the bad things in the past and focus on the good things in the future.” Patti told.
 Miranda looked up at the group with a smile forming on her face, and wiped her tears.
 “I guess you're right.”
 “That's my girl.” Miguel smiled as he hugged her.

 Annie joined in the hug group, so did Glen and Tommy.
 Patti was the last to join the group hug, inadvertently pricking Annie with her quills.


 Marcy tiptoed into the kitchen while it's still dark.
 She carried a small bag with her.
 She tiptoed to a nearest chair and sat down.
 Marcy took out a loaf of bread, canned meat, and a small bottle filled with light blue liquid lighting up where she sat.
 She quickly made a sandwich for herself and grabbed her bottle.
 She pulled the cork to the bottle and slowly tipped it over until a single drop of the liquid was poured onto the sandwich, making it light up for a second before returning to it's normal state.
 Looking around to see if anyone was coming, she quickly shoved the bottle into her bag.

 Marcy was about to take a bite of her sandwich, when at the corner of her eye she saw a bright light coming from the doorway.
 “Marcy, what are you doing up so late?” a voice asked as Marcy looked up.
 It was Sonny, holding a candlebra in his hand.
 “Why are you up?” Marcy asked, raising an eyebrow.
 “I had a nightmare, and I wanted to get a drink of water. Then I saw a bright blue light coming from the kitchen, so I had to check it out. What were you doing in here?” Sonny asked as he put the candlebra onto a table.
 Marcy looked at him with an embarrassed expression, “Oh my god he found out.” she thought to herself in panic.

 “Would you care to tell me?” Sonny requested.
 Marcy let out a sigh, “I'll tell you as long as you don't tell anyone else. Only Giles and I know of this.”
 “So it's a secret, right?”
 “Yes, just between you, me, and my brother. Do you promise not to tell anyone else about this?” Marcy asked as she lifted up her small pinky finger.
 Sonny did the same thing with his finger and hooked it around Marcy's finger.
 “Yes.” he answered when he pulled his hand away from hers.
 Marcy grabbed her bag and grabbed the small bottle, holding it up for Sonny to see.

 “This small bottle contains my medicene. This is only for vampires who were bitten by other vampires to stop them from going beserk with bloodlust. And you probably knew that I was a vampire when I scared Quintin with my teeth, right?”
 “Wait that was you? I thought that guy got scared by his own shadow.” the elf laughed as he raised his hand.
 Marcy gave Sonny a high-five.
 “Back to the topic. I have to take the smallest drop possible with a sandwich every tweleve hours, every morning and every night.”
 “Wow, that must've suck to eat the same thing every morning now is it?”
 “Not really, I learned to get used to the same taste of canned meat.”
 “You could've just added that potion with your dinner.”

 “I can't do that, if anyone saw me do that...they would think that I'm weird.” Marcy said when the elf put his hands on her's.
 “Marcy, that's nothing to be ashamed of. Do you see me think that this is weird?”
 “No,” she answered.
 “Then if the others ever found out, then they won't think it's weird either.”
 Marcy looked up, “You really think so?”
 Sonny froze, then chuckled apologetically, “Actually, I'm not sure how they're going to react to this.”
 Marcy rose an eyebrow before Sonny finished, “But we don't know that yet.”

 Sonny gave himself a facepalm, “Oh god, what am I saying? I can't talk to girls who are pretty as you are. What! I mean, who are nice as you are.”
 Marcy chuckled, “That's okay. But can I ask you something?”
 “Do you notice anything different about ourselves?” Marcy asked.
 Sonny thought about it for a moment before answering, “Well first off, you are a vampire, and I'm an elf. You are the most mature person I know in my opinion, and I act like a child.”
 “So, you don't point out our skin colour, right?” Marcy asked as she looked at her hands.
 “I was going to answer that first, but then I thought it would be rude to point that out.”

 Marcy placed her head on her jaws and explained, “All my life, I was treated poorly because of my dark skin. When I walked the streets, people would holler, “Go back to where you belong, slave!” Even when I was training to fight, my teachers treated me differently than the others.”
 Sonny stared at her with sadness, “I know how you feel then. I used to get picked on because of how large my ears were, and my blue skin. Back when I was little, before the Massacre happened, the bigger boys from the neighborhood used to kick me down and beat me up until I was bruised up like an apple. All because of my blue skin and large ears.”
 “We do have something in common.” Marcy smiled.
 “Yeah, I guess we do.” Sonny agreed.
 “And Sonny,”
 “I don't think you're childish.”

 “You don't?” Sonny's ears shot up in surprise.
 “I think you're the most sweetest person ever.”
 Sonny blushed.
Chapter 15: Doubts And Regrets
I wanted to take risks at the end of this chapter. I've never want to talk about discrimination in my books, but this is 1813, people would be seriously making fun of other people for their species or skin colour.
        Chapter 14: Eyes And Soul  

  “Your highness?” Persillous called as he entered the throne room, as Thanatos looked up at him.
 “Have your powers returned yet?” the informer questioned when the vampire king lifted his left hand.
 Red fire ignited within his hand, but it flickered out within a matter of seconds.
 “Hmm...longer than last time.” Thanatos grinned as he stood up to his feet.
 He and Persillous walked towards the balcony, over looking the city of Avelie.
 “Persillous, what do you see within this city?” Thanatos asked as he rested his hands on the railings.
 The informer observed the city streets when he saw a mother and her child walking home when the child looked up at the balcony, “Mother, is that the king...watching us from that balcony?” the child asked as he held his mother's hand tightly.

 The mother looked up at the balcony with fear crossing her mind, as she began to walk slowly, “Come along child,” the mother continued her previous speed of walking, “you and I both know what would happen to us if we are to speak ill of his majesty. You don't want to suffer a terrible fate like your father has, do you?”
 Persillous could hear more of the mother's lecture until her voice trailed off through the dark streets.
 “That woman and her son. She felt fear when the son did not.”
 “Yes, the woman knew what happened ten years ago, and her son wasn't even born then. By curiousity, if these children learn of what had happened in the Massacre, they will begin to have the spark of rebellion.” Thanatos explained, watching as a street light below began to flicker.
 “But my lord, if they ever learn of the Massacre being caused by us, how come they never rebelled?” Persillous questioned as he looked up at the king.
 “That's why we train them to become soldiers, and make them work in factories, we must shapen their minds and beliefs so we burn out their spark of curiousity and of any unnecessary rebellion.”
 They walked back inside of the throne room as the street light below them finally flickered out.

 “And might I ask again, my did your stepdaughter learn of your true identity before the Massacre?”
 Thanatos took a deep breath before answering, “I forgot that Miranda was the sharpest knife in the drawer when she was young.” he narrowed his eyes in humiliation before continuing.
 “My human diguise was slowly fading away at that time, and I didn't want them to know that I was a vampire before the time came. So I went to a cemetary and quickly drank what was left of the newly buried's blood in order to prolong the diguise.
 “I didn't notice anyone following me until I heard sounds behind the gate. I turned to find pink thread tied around my coat button. I then looked up to find a little girl dressed in blue garments running away from the gates in fear. I know that was Miranda who followed me. That was how she found out about me before anyone else could.” Thanatos finished as he and informer opened the doors to the empty corridors.
 “And one more thing, sire?” Persillous began as Thanatos looked at him.
 “What made you so obsessive over this young woman? Do you know what trouble you're getting yourself into by lusting for this girl? One, she's very young, more younger than you by eighteen hundred and six years. Two, she's your stepdaughter! You're comitting a terrible crime against her.” As Persillous went on with his sentence, Thanatos felt fury and hatred burning through his evil heart.
 “Since when did you think you know what was right for my stepdaughter?” Thanatos questioned with a stern tone in his voice.

 “Since you went after her that night.” Persillous answered as he stopped walking.
 Thanatos's eyes widened in disbelief, “What are you saying?”
 “Do you remember when we planned to send in the army once you're there in that village? Well, here's the thing...I never sent in an army to assist you, nor did I have any reason to. If I did, innocents would get hurt.”
 There was a long pause.
 “...You're no vampire...nor do you have any feeling to act like one.” the vampire king said as his fangs gotten longer as rage grew, making the informer back himself until his back hit the wall.
 “You're wrong Thanatos...there might be vampires that are intended for sinful deeds. But there are other vampires out there that would do anything to prevent themselves from throwing away what's left of their humanity. As a matter in fact, some could be comitting suicide as we speak! What does that have to say about yourself?!”
 Suddenly, Persillous froze.

 He felt sweat pour down his forehead, and he felt like he couldn't breathe.
 The informer felt as if knives were stabbed into his heart.
 He slowly looked down to his chest, only to find Thanatos's sharp claws digging into it.
 “Sir...what doing?” he asked in a weak tone, as he coughed up blood.
 “I became weak and powerless...because of you...and your precious humanity. You are nothing but a coward Persillous. And thus, you are nothing to me.”
 He clutched onto Persillous's chest, making him scream out in pain.
 “By the way, despite the fact she is the one who took my powers away, she's only making me stronger in return.” “HOW!!!” “Don't you remember?” Thanatos chuckled as he threw the informer to the ground.

 Persillous couldn't save himself no longer, he knew that this was his end, but he defied Thanatos with a good cause.
 “I'm so sorry...Chesse...” he whispered to himself as Thanatos loomed over him menacingly.
 The vampire king loomed over him, bent over and whispered in his ear one last time, keeping his sadistic grin on his face, “Traitor..”
 With a swing of his arm, he used his claw to scar Persillous's face, then repeated the same thing with his other claw.
 Thanatos continued to claw at the vampire's face until he was barely recongizable.
 He checked his pulse, but felt nothing.
 He smirked even more, then let out an insane like laugh, “It's been a long time since I've killed one of my own.”

 At that moment, a maid opened the door leading to the corridors.
 But when she opened her eyes at the horrifying scenery in front of her, she gasped.
 She slowly took a couple steps back until she hit her back to the wall.
 “Your highness, did you do this?” the maid questioned as Thanatos glared at her with blood splattered on his face.
 The maid stared at him with horror as she covered her mouth with one hand, and the other searching for the doorknob.
 But in a blink of an eye, Thanatos snatched her neck and held her against him.
 She was struggling for air and grabbed at his hand.

 He brought her closer to him and whispered into her ear, “Tell anyone about what happened here, and I swear I will kill you.”
 The maid nodded as tears began to fall from her face.
 He let her go, as the maid fell to the floor and coughed.
 “And while you're at it, clean up this mess before someone else see's it.” Thanatos ordered as he walked back to the doors of the throne room.
 As she thought the king was gone, she ran to Persillous's dead body and sat beside him.
 She grabbed the dead informer's hand and held it against her face.
 The maid quietly sobbed, “I love you, Greg.”

 Without noticing, Thanatos watched them from behind the door.
 “And Chesse?” Thanatos called as the maid looked up him with a startled look.
 “Yes my lord?” Chesse asked with a surprise tone in her voice, the king himself never called her by her real name before, wherest other times he just calls her “maid” or he doesn't even mention her name at all.
 “Since you are Persillous's wife, you are officially promoted to be my personal informer to take his place, starting tomorrow morning.” Thanatos announced cruelly before slamming the door behind him.
 Chesse was disturbed at the news.
 She looked at her dead husband one last time before looking back at the throne room doors with anger.
Chapter 14: Eyes and Soul
This is a very scary chapter
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Hey watchers,

 I am in the making of a collection of drawn video comedy starring your favourite Creepypastas (Jeff The Killer, Laughing Jack, etc).

 It's similar to The Last Human Craziness, but this time I will be making video requests. You can help me by requesting what I should put in each segment of the Creepypasta Randomness.

I hope you guys had a fantastic Halloween (It's bizarre cold :( )

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