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thank u to some who faved my art so far, I promise to keep up the good work and to draw more ;)

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Okay, I got the hang of MikuMikuDance. I can do picture renders. I am really good at that. Just send me a dl of your model (if you are comfortable) and I will make a picture.
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I'm not good with a mouse, but I'll certainly try my best
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I love doing traditional art, makes me feel like Leonardi Di Vinci
Animations :)
I can animate on stick draw, not too complicated though. Now for 100 points :)


Journal History


Chapter 1~ Unexpected Meeting

Bucky The Beaver’s POV
Time Skip~ Morning

Rynda and I were strolling down a cobble stone path. We were surrounded by dead vegetation and Jack-o-lanterns. I glanced up at several crows squawked in the dead trees.
“Noisy vermin…” I mumbled.
“Ignore them, Bucky.” Rynda encouraged slightly. I sighed, nodding a bit.
Recently, shadow Demons began to follow us wherever we go. We never knew why, but the both of us knew we had to keep moving ahead of these deadly creatures. It took us a few rough days, but we lost them... for now that is.
We continued to walk until we came upon two large, open metal gates. A large, wooden sign was nailed to dead tree near the right gate. Rynda approached said sign and read the black text out loud.
“Deathtropolis, Capital of Alors. Population 869.” Rynda said.
“Finally!” I hopped off Rynda’s left shoulder, landing in between the open gates.
“Let’s get going!” I raced into the city-like town, Rynda jogging behind me. I took in the town’s appearance. The buildings were built with cracked cobble stone. Jack-o-lantern lamp posts lit up the streets ominously. Pumpkins and skeletons decorated the sidewalks and homes. I noticed several humans walking around the town, entering and exiting the shops or cafés.
“This place looks… nice.” I say, putting a bit more emphases in the word nice. Rynda nudged me with her foot slightly.    
“Be nice! This is a nice town… or city!” Rynda says, crossing her arms over her chest.
“Have you seen what this place looks like…?” I mumbled under my breath, thankful that Rynda didn’t hear. Rynda sighed.
“We’re not staying here too long, okay? So lighten up.” Rynda said before she began to walk forward. I groaned slightly, following after her.

“Rynda can we take a break!? I’m tired!” I whined. Rynda and I have been walking through this accursed town for three hours, and my legs are killing me! Rynda sighed.
“Stop complaining.” She said. I groaned.
“But my legs hurt!” I continued to complain. Rynda huffed annoyingly.
“Fine! We can take a break!” I smiled in delight.
“Thank you!” I chimed, then collapsed on the cobble stone sidewalk. Rynda shook her head, chuckling softly. She seated herself on a wooden bench.
“Five minutes, then we walk again.” Rynda ordered a bit. I nodded. I laid down on the cool ground, sighing in delight.
Man I hope I never have to leave this position.

“Get up.” I heard Rynda say. I completely ignored her, not wanting to move from my current position. Rynda sighed in slightly frustration. Suddenly, I was lifted off the cool ground by my tail. My eyes snapped open as I yelled, “hey!” I looked at Rynda, who had a slightly annoyed expression. I began to struggle, not very comfortable with the situation.
“The five minutes is up.” She says, then placed my back onto the ground.
“Let’s go.” Rynda turned and began walking. I grumbled several words to myself then ran after her. We walked for another twenty minutes before Rynda stooped in front of a shop.
“Wait here.” She said.
“No! I’m not going to wait out here for you! I could be kidnapped or something!” I quickly protested. Rynda sighed.
We walked into the shop. I noted several of the “items” that could be bought. Bats wings, frog legs, and extremely disturbing masks, jars filled with strange liquids and eyes balls.
“Who in the hell would buy this stuff!?” I mumbled. I wandered around the creepy shop for about ten minutes before Rynda and I departed.
“What did you buy?” I asked, glancing at a bag Rynda carried.
“Some candy.” Rynda answered. I raised an eyebrow.
“What kind?”
“I bought a bag of Spider Gummies.” Rynda replied. I chuckled slightly.
“Of course you did.”
“What you got a problem?”
I shook my head.
There was a minor silence.
“So, how long are we-?” I stopped mid-sentence. I stopped walking, and looked around.  I could’ve sworn I heard a hiss. I guess Rynda did to, since she stopped walking as well. We both listened closely. I was right. A low, but threatening hiss could be heard. And it was close. I felt a dreadful feeling arise with my stomach.
“Come on!” Rynda says then took off.
“W-wait!” I called before scampering after her. Rynda stood in front of an entrance to an obscure alley. The only light was a very dim light post. I gulped as I stared down the alley.
“R-Rynda l-let’s think about this! A scary hissing noise. A dark alley. Two red flags Rynda! Two!” I say.
“Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s just a cat.” Rynda attempted to reassure me.
“Then why would you go in if you think it’s a cat!?” I exclaimed in confusion. Rynda shrugged.
“Maybe it’s not a cat. I wanna make sure.”
“You wanna make sure that the scary hissing noise is a cat?” I repeated. Rynda nodded. I face palmed.
“Fine! But if we happen to die, I’m blaming you!”
“You can’t blame me if you’re dead.” Rynda states, allowing a small smirk to make its way onto her face. I rolled my eyes, mumbling a “whatever”.
Rynda slowly made her way into the alley while I followed shakily behind.
“Rynda! This isn’t a good idea?!” I whispered. Rynda shushed me.
“Quiet!” I groaned faintly.
“Rynda please!” I begged. Rynda turned and opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Instead she slowly close her mouth, and stared at something her with wide eyes.
“W-what?” I stuttered. I slowly turned my head and nearly jumped at what was behind me.
A girl that towered over Rynda and myself stood behind me. She wore a black blood stained hoodie and a pair of black jogging pants. The hoodie was wore over her head, covering most of her long, messy, brown hair that concealed her right eye. The sleeves of the hoody appeared to have been torn or clawed off.   Her left eye was pure black with a red dot in the center. She had long, sharp, black claws that were drenched in blood. A large, black tail, with a black bladed-tip moved around her right leg. Her face had several fresh blood stains as well.
I gulped and clumsily backed away.
She was one of those Xeno creatures I heard about in legends. Xenos, from what I heard, were the most vicious and dangerous hunters. If not careful, they could kill a person without the victim knowing what was coming at them.
The girl snapped her gaze down to me. She grinned, reveling extremely jagged teeth.
“Well, well, well,” The girl said, her voice hissing a bit. “Dinner.”
Before I could even process what she said, she snatched my tail and lifted my from off the ground. I instantly began to struggle.
“Put him down!” Growled Rynda. The girl glanced at Rynda, her smirk extending, if possible.
“Make me!” She hissed. Rynda pulled out her metal rode and charged at the mysterious girl. Rynda attempted to strike the girl’s head, but her tail swiftly deflected the attack. The girl’s strong tail push Rynda back. Rynda growled threateningly.
“Just let him go!” Rynda screamed. The girl chuckled and shook her head.
“Nah, his dinner!”
“Shut it! I’m am not your dinner!” I somehow managed to bite the girl’s hand. She quickly reacted, grunting in pain and releasing me. She held her hand close to her, glowering at me. I landing on my bottom, which hurt.  But I ignore the pain and scurried towards Rynda. I hid behind her left leg, peeking around it.
“Stupid rat!” Hissed the girl. I shot a glare at her.
“A rat!? You think I’m a rat!?” I screeched. I could take a lot of things, but being called a rat is not one of them. The girl squinted at me.
“No wait… it’s a bear!”
“A bear!? You’ve got to be joking!!” I hollered. I noticed Rynda stifling a laugh. I shot a glare at her then to the girl.
“I am not a bear!” I growled.
“You’re not?”
“Then you’re a platypus.”
I snapped.
“I am a beaver!! Can you not see my fricking tail!?” I turned around, gesturing to my tail. The girl rolled her eyes, or eye.
“You still look like a bear to me.” She mumbled slightly. Rynda was now covering her mouth to keeping from laughing her ass off. I groaned in frustration.
“You people are idiots!” I grumbled.
“Hey!” Rynda says.
“I’m not an idiot, bear!” The girl spat. I walked towards the right wall of the alley.
“You. People. Are. Idiots!” I say, banging my head off the wall after each word. I heard the girl and Rynda chuckle.
“Your bear is weird.” Says the girl.
“I’m a fricking beaver!!” I exclaimed. The girl rolled her eye.
“Whatever you say, bear.”
I groaned.
Damn this girl’s annoying. I glanced towards Rynda, who had put away her metal rod.
“Who are you?” Rynda asked the girl. Before the girl could answer Rynda, a loud, ear-piercing screech erupted within the alley. I flinched at the sound. Rynda quickly pulled out her metal rod while the girl just stood there, looking around.
“Bucky!” Rynda called, quickly snatching me from the ground as a shadow-like hand seeped out from the ground. Soon, there were numerous hands rising from the ground.
“Shadow Demons.” Rynda mumbled. “Stay close Bucky.” Rynda ordered sternly. I nodded.
“Y-you don’t have to tell m-me twice!” I say as I begun to shake out of fear. The shadow demons had fully seeped out of the ground. Their appearance was terrifying. They were black spectre-like creatures. They wore a black hooded ropes that waved as if it was blown in the wind. The hood had completely concealed their faces in shadow. They had black, boney hands with sharp nails.
There were at least ten of them. I gulped.
“This is your mess, I'm out! I ain't gettin' you guys out.” Shannon suddenly said. She began to walk away from us when Rynda grabbed her hood and pulled her back.
“They just blocked your path too, so you really don't have a choice here, now do you?” Shannon easily broke free of Rynda’s hold on her hood.  
“Listen human, if you think I'm gonna work with you and beaver boy here you're dead wrong!”
“Where there's a will, there's a way.”
“Well if you think that, then you're naive! And you know what, I've decided I don't like you.”
“And I've decided, I don't really care.”
The Shadow Demons quickly intruded their quarrel, letting out a loud screech. Rynda and I flinched and covered are ears, trying to stop the horrendous sound. They stopped their annoying screeching and charged at us. Rynda quickly collected herself and got into an attack stance. She jabbed her metal rod through a shadow demon’s chest. It screeched in pain as it began to turn to dust.
I shifted my gaze back to Rynda, who had just kicked one of the shadow demon in the face. The force of her kick sent the demon flying into a walk. It turned to dust at the massive impact. I continued to watch as they easily took out the demons.

Within two minutes, piles of black dust had surrounded us. Rynda sighed, slightly exhausted from fighting.
“Not bad.” Rynda commented, looking at the Xeno girl. She scoffed in return.
“I don’t need praise from a human.” The girl looked away, as if she was disgust by Rynda’s presence and slid her left claw-like hand into her hood pocket. Rynda shot a hateful glare at the girl.
“Excuse me!?”
“What? Are you deaf of something?”
“One I am not deaf! Two, I was complementing you!”
“Well I don’t need a complement! Especially from a human!” Shannon snapped back. Rynda clenched her fists.
“Just who are you?” Rynda exclaimed.
“I'm Shannon. I’m a Xeno and far more expectance in combat than you. And I haven't ate in a while, that beaver friend of yours was gonna be my breakfast.” She replied, grinning at me with a hungry eye. I felt a shiver crawl up my spine at her words.
“I was beating the shit out of you a minute ago! And he is not going to be your breakfast!!” Rynda spat, quickly standing in front of me.
“Oh? And what are you going to do about it? I’m obviously the stronger one!” The Xeno hissed.
“We’re equally matched!” Rynda countered.
“Hell no! I’m stronger, faster and smarter than you!” Shannon hissed angrily.
“Both of you shut it! Your bickering will attract more Shadow Demons!” I say.
“Shut it bear!”
“Stop calling me a bear!” I snapped.
“You’re not my mom!” The Xeno disputed.
“Well I bet you mother is pretty disappointed in you right now!” Rynda said. Shannon glared hatefully at Rynda. Both girls began to argue, which ended up in a full on fight. I began to worry.
If Shannon gets too angry, she’ll actually try to kill Rynda. I’ve got to do something! I thought. I suddenly had an idea. I raced towards Rynda, who was throw at a wall by Shannon.

“Sorry to break this fight up, but we have to go. Rynda has a doctor’s appointment and she’s awfully late! So bye!” I began to push Rynda towards the exit of the alley. Shannon stared at me and Rynda strangely and in confusion. The only thing she could respond with was; “ummm…. Okay?”
“It was nice meeting you!” I say, although I was completely lying. The encounter was horrific! Shannon just stood there, watching as Rynda and I exit the alley.

“Come on, let’s go. No point staying in this town anymore.” I say. Rynda nodded. I smiled happily, knowing that I can leave this town. I glanced back at the alley. All there was were piles of black dust.

Rynda and I approached the exit of the town. But as we made are journey here I kept looking back, thinking that something or someone was following us. And I think I had a pretty good idea who.
“Rynda!” I say quietly, tapping her leg.
“What?” She asked, looking down at me.
“I think that Shannon girl is following us.” I revealed. Rynda looked at me like I was insane.
“Why would that thing be following us?”
“How should I know!?” I countered. “I just have a hunch, okay?”
“And what if it isn’t her?”
“Then I’m going crazy.” I say. Rynda chuckled.
“You’re already crazy.”
“Oh shut it.” I hissed slightly. I glanced towards the exit, my eyes going wide soon after. Shannon was leaning against a dead tree next to the right gate. Her arms were crossed and her left arm in her hood pocket. She was smirking at us. I blinked twice and rubbed my eyes. I looked back at the tree, but she was gone.
Maybe I am going insane. I admitted.
“You okay?” Rynda asked, looking down at me with concern. I nodded.
“Y-yes. I just-I just thought I saw Shannon over by that tree.” I say, pointing towards the tree. Rynda furrowed her brows.
“You better be seeing things.” Rynda said, trying not to let angry get the better of her. I sighed.
“I hope so.”

Rynda and I were walking down a trail. We had departed from Deathtropolis about ten minutes ago. But there was only one problem. I continued to see that accursed tailed girl everywhere. She was in the trees, walking behind us, leaning against the trees and even right next to me! It’s like she’s doing this on purpose!
After enduring this for another five minutes, I snapped.
“Why the hell are you following us!?” Rynda jumped at my sudden voice. Suddenly, we heard a laugh. We both turned to see Shannon, rolling on the ground, howling with laughter. I glared at her.
“D-dude! You are too funny!” Shannon said between laughs. I didn’t answer her, I just continued to glare daggers at her.
“Why are you following us?” Rynda hissed through gritted teeth. I could tell Rynda didn’t like Shannon’s presence. Shannon glanced towards us, a grin slithering onto her cheeks.
“Cuz I can~” She answered. I twitched her voice.
“Well stop!”
“It’s a free country! I can follow whoever the hell I want!” Shannon countered, standing up and dusting herself off. I growled, as did Rynda.
“And besides, You guys are fun to annoy. So imma stick around till im bored of you~.” Shannon grinned a toothy grin. I groaned and did Rynda.
“Rynda, tell her to beat it!” I say, looking up at the blonde.
“Beat it!”
“Just leave us alone!”
Shannon smirked.
Rynda and I groaned in annoyance and frustration.
This is going to be a looong day.

Dr. Halloween’s POV

I watched as this strange group walked off.
“A mortal, a beaver and a Xeno. What an interesting group.” I chuckled softly at the beaver and Xeno bickering. Both acted like children, and it was quiet amusing. I was astonished that the Xeno-Girl had not yet killed the two off. Then again, she could have taken a liking to both of the creatures. Although I don’t understand why. Then again, Xeno did enjoy annoying others.
Wait, why am I watching these three? I pondered the sudden thought. Was it because they took out ten Shadow Demons? No, there has to be another reason. I sighed.
“I don’t have time for this…” I mumbled. I turned and began to walk east. I had a feeling that I was going to see those three again.
Alors: Chapter 1 Unexpected Meeting
Chapter 1

I forgot to mention that Rynda and Bucky are gonna be in the story too (they're also in my Samurai Jack comics)

Dr. Halloween’s POV

I stood behind a large, dead tree, observing a group of pathetic excuses for assassins from afar.
“One, two three, four, five. Five assassins.” I counted quietly. I studied their appearances. They all wore black hooded capes and appeared to be in their mid-twenties. I had been tracking them down for three months, and now I finally found them. I unsheathed my flame-bladed sword.
“Enough waiting.” I slowly crept up towards the group. I snuck up behind the shortest assassin. Without hesitation, I stabbed my blade through the man’s throat. I twisted my blade, causing the wound to open more and blood to spill. As I pulled back my blade, the man’s corpse fell dead on the cold ground. I grinned in satisfaction. I looked up at the remaining four assassins. Their faces were contorted in fear and shook, much to my amusement. There fear-filled expressions were quickly replaced with anger.
“You will pay for that with your death!” Exclaimed one of the assassins. I chuckled darkly at this, knowing I’ve heard that line almost two hundred times.
“Bring it.” I say, my grin expanding. They all pulled out knives and swords and charged.

Two minutes. That all it took for me to kill off the remaining assassins. Their bodies lay in pools of their own blood. Their necks were slashed and were covered in stab wounds. I sighed in disappointment.
“I had expected them to put up a better fight. Guess I was wrong.” I closed my eyes, pulling my large, black hat over my eyes slightly. I whipped the blood from my blade on an assassin’s hood then sheathed my blade.
“I spent over three months tracking these idiots down, and they don’t even put up a good fight. There not even worth the money.” I grumbled in slight annoyance. I turned and began to walk off, not even bothering to properly dispose of the bodies.
“There’s got to be something worth hunting.” I mumbled a bit. I glanced up at the sky. What was once a sky blue, was now shimmering pink and yellow. The golden sun had finally begun to set. There was a nice, cool breeze, which blew my cloak gracefully. A small smile made its way onto my mouth.
“It’s nice out here.” I mumbled. I stopped walking as the atmosphere suddenly changed. What was once a peaceful and calm aura was now replaced with a dark and evil aura. But this was much different than the aura of vampires, witches or dark fairies. It was pure evil. It felt so, familiar. Although there seemed to be no-one around, I could feel the malevolent creature as if it stood right beside me. This aura felt so familiar. This left an awful feeling in my stomach.
I sprinted forwards. The further I went, the stronger the aura becomes. I halted when a figure came into view. Although the creature, which I suspected to be a male, was a bit further away, I could make out some details. Jet black hair and long black cloak with the ends of the cloak ripped. I squinted slightly.
“What is that?” I say slowly. I gradually approached the creature. The male turned to face me, I guesstimated that he sensed my presence. I quickly took the opportunity to study his appearance. The man was tall and lean built, having jet-black hair that just reaches his shoulders. A portion of his hair had covered his right eye.  He appeared to be twenty years old. He wore a long, black cloak with the ends ripped. His shirt was pure black as well, having the ends of the shirt ripped as well. The man wore slightly baggy black pants and a necklace with a black heart. The strangest feature of this man was his left eye. The man have no pupil. It was white, having a black circle in the center. I stared at this bizarre man, who stared back. I then realized that he was not a human, but a demon. I continued to stare until my eyes went wide before becoming engulfed by rage and hatred.
“You!” I exclaimed. A sly smirk crept onto the demon’s cheeks.
“My, my, it’s been awhile Dr. Halloween. 20 years if I’m correct.” The demon’s voice echoed slightly, as if he were in a cave. I continued to glare daggers at the vile being.
“Oh shut up! You’ll pay for what you did!” I snapped at the demon before me. The demon chuckled.
“Oh come now, that was 20 years ago. Get over it.” The demon says as he placed a hand on his hip, his smirk extending revealing sharp teeth. I rapidly unsheathed my flame-bladed sword and charged at the vile beast. I brought my sword up then down. But that despicable creature disappeared before my blade could even touch him. He began to laugh, but I could not sense his presence.
“Face it!” The demon’s voice hissed, “You’ll never be able to touch me! You’ll never be able to get you pitiful revenge! You’re too weak! Go find someone you can match up with!” And with that, the area became silent.
The sun had set and I stood alone, clenching my sword in anger.
Alors: Prologue
This is a new story me and my friend wrote. She wrote the prologue :)
Chapter 13: Grampy Miggins  

 The boats the group were in pulled up on the beach.
 “Where are we?” Glen asked as he hopped out of the boat.
 “Miguel, do you still have the map?” Miranda questioned, turning her gaze to Miguel.
 Miguel took the map from his shirt pocket and spread it apart, placing it on the sand.
 “As I said before, we were going south from where we encountered Blackbeard. Thankfully we are near the main land by about 100, 000 miles east.” He peered closer to the map.
 “We're at...” Miguel's eyes widened for a moment before finishing, “Uninhabited...”
 The group looked at each other with horrified faces.

 “Does that mean...” Marcy was about to guess when Quintin gasped, “We're on a deserted island! Away from society, poor tea shop!”
 Giles turned to Quinton and grabbed his arms, “Get a hold of yourself, we'll get off this island somehow.”
 “Somehow?! How long will that take?! We'd end up living here, maybe become cannibals!”
 Marcy smirked, “Not if I drink your blood first.”
 The elf tilted his head in confusion, then Marcy smiled to show her vampire teeth.
 Quintin screamed like a little girl and grabbed onto Miguel, “Miguel help me!”
 “Marcy, why'd you do that?!” Giles turned his head at his sister in anger, while Marcy rolled her eyes, “Couldn't help it.”

 “Would you guys cut it out?” Sonny interrupted as he stepped in between them.
 “Sonny's right, we need to keep our heads.” Annie added in.
 “We'll just get back on the boats and row to Spain.” Sierra said as she walked towards the water when she looked out in the distance and gasped, “Guys, the row boats are gone!”
 Everyone looked up and saw the boats float away into the distance.
 They all screamed at the top of their lungs and ran to the water.
 But they were all too late, the boats were too far out of the sea.
 “Sam?” Miranda turned to gaze at Sam, who collapsed onto the sand.

 “Sam!” Annie ran to his side.
 “Is he alright?” Miranda asked as everyone gathered around the shark boy.
 “He's probably tired from pulling us away from Blackbeard and his ships.” Sierra guessed.
 Miguel looked up ahead to find a jungle, “We have to find shelter before sundown.”
 Suddenly, a faint sound was heard in the distance.
 “What's that sound?” Quintin questioned.
 Everyone stood still for that moment to really pick up what they heard.

 It sounded like the strumming of a banjo mixed with horrible singing.
 “Singing?” Tommy said.
 “And we thought this island was deserted...” Patti chuckled.
 “Well whoever else is on this island, they could be our only ticket to where we're going.”  Miranda said as she began to walk, “I'll scout ahead, just take care of Sam.”
 “I'm coming with you.” Miguel announced as he stood up and walked to her side.
 “No, I'm fine going alone Miguel.”
 “I won't risk it. You need at least someone to watch your back if there are vampires around.”

 Miranda thought about it for a moment...
 She took a deep breath, then replied, “Fine, I'll let you come with me.”
 Miguel smiled as they both walked into the jungle.
 “I want to ask you something...” “Yes Miguel?” Miranda listened as she used her sword to cut through the leaves and branches.
 “How long did it take for you to become a Vampire Slayer?”
 “Ten years...”
 “Since the Massacre?” Miguel raised an eyebrow.

 “Uncle Al taught me everything I knew. Whether it would be fighting or using my wits. We divided our training sessions into rules. Number 1 being...”
 Before finishing her sentence, Miguel inadvertently walked into a nearby tree, “Watch where you're going...”
 It was when she felt something landing on her shoulder.
 Miranda looked to her right to find a squirrel.
 She quickly thought, “What is this squirrel doing on a deserted island?”
 She studied the squirrel, it had a brownish-red fur line and a golden fur line on the stomach.
 It also had a small blue helmet upon his head, along with a pair of goggles wrapped around it.

 “Hey there little guy,” Miranda greeted as she stroked it's fur.
 Then it spoke in an angry tone, “Hey, I just had a bath this morning.”
 Miranda stood there with her eyes wide.
 “I'm so sorry about that.”
 “So, what do you need here?” the squirrel said with a child like voice.
 “We just got here and we need to find a way to the docks in England. We heard that someone else is here and maybe they can help us.” Miranda explained.

 Miranda looked back and lifted Miguel up from the ground.
 “This is my best friend Miguel.”
 “And you are...”
 “Miranda McLaura.”
 The squirrel gasped, “THE Miranda McLaura? The Lost Princess of Avelie? The Last Human Princess?” Miranda nodded slowly.
 “Pardon me princess, I didn't mean to yell at you before. My name is Arthur.”
 “Oh no, I don't really need that mushy princess stuff at the moment. And it's alright. We need to find this person on this island that can help us get off.”
 Arthur thought about it for a moment, then snapped his fingers.

 “Oh sure, I know of someone here and I can take you to them. Follow me!” Arthur said as he lifted himself into the air.
 His sides flattened, making him fly into the air.
 “He's one of those flying squirrels.” Miguel added in, walking to her side.
 “Let's go!” Miranda ordered as she ran after the flying squirrel, with Miguel following close behind.
 They can hear the music getting louder.
 “How can you trust this squirrel? How do you know he's not gonna lead you to the vampires?” Miguel questioned as they ran through the jungle.
 “Does he look like the fellow that would work for Thanatos?” Miranda asked when Miguel looked over to his right, whispering, “Sort of...”

 “What?” Miranda chimed in.
 “ he doesn't.” Miguel answered.
 Miranda smirked, “That's what I THOOOOOUGHT!” her sentence ended when she and Miguel tripped over a log.
 They looked up to find an old man sitting in a chair near a fire pit with a banjo in his arms.
 He had a long white beard, pointed ears unlike the elves, a bald head, and a big, red nose.
 Beside him was a large steamboat in a small river.
 “You 'Kay there kiddies?” the old man asked as he stood up out of his chair and put his banjo aside.

 “Yes sir, we're fine.” Miranda answered as the old man grabbed her hand and helped her up.
 He then helped Miguel to his feet as well.
 “What brings you kiddies all the way out here to this island?” The old man asked.
 “It's a long story, but we came here for help. I have others waiting on the beach and one of them is exhausted.” Miranda explained when Arthur flew onto the old man's shoulder.
 “Wait a tic, there's more of you?” Arthur question with a surprised tone in his voice.
 “Oh and by the way, this is THE Miranda McLaura!”
 The old man widened his eyes, “Well I'll be! HA HA! The Princess is here!” he danced in joy, when Miranda dug her face in her hand.

 “I'm Grampy Miggins by the way.”
 “Nice to meet you Grampy.” Miranda smiled.
 She then looked to her left at the steamboat.
 “You have a steamboat?” she questioned.
 “Sure do, I got it when I was just 15 years old.”
 “And how are you now?” Miguel questioned.
 “A hundred and five.” Grampy answered when the two looked at each other with surprise.

 “So you're the oldest person living?” Miranda questioned.
 “Nah...I'm probably the third or fourth oldest. That vampire king is the oldest out of everyone, then there's that one lady, then the king's general, and then there's me.”
 Miranda froze and swallowed hard, “ you happen to old the vampire king is?”
 “Don't know exactly, but I heard that he lived to be over 1800!”
 Her eyes widened.
 All of a sudden, she felt sweat falling down her forehead, her world was spinning, her stomach felt funny, and she couldn't stand up for very long.
 “Miranda, are you okay?” Miguel asked as he held her up.

 But then, the girl fell to the ground and fell unconscious.


 “Guys, she's waking up!” Annie announced as everyone gathered around her.
 Miranda fluttered her eyes open to find her friends' smiling faces.
 “What happened?” she asked as she lifted herself from the bed.
 Grampy walked into the room while washing a plate with a rag, “You fainted 'cause of the lack of food in yer system.”
 “When was the last time we ate?” Sonny questioned, looking to his left to Annie.
 “The Tea Shop...”
 “We were technically drinking there. The last time we ate was at the birthday party.” Sierra corrected.

 “Which was like a week ago...” she finished.
 “Where's Sam? Is he alright?” Miranda asked.
 “He's just relaxing on another bed next to yours.” Giles replied, pointing to a sleeping Sam.
 Miranda sighed in relief, “I'm glad everyone is alright.”
 “I got some chicken and fish cookin' in the oven for everyone, and as soon as it's done, you can wake up sleepin' beauty over there. A couple friends of mine will be here shortly to bring in more food.”
 “Thank you so much for your hospitality, Grampy.” Miranda thanked as she pushed her covers out of the way.
 “Eh no problem, kid.” Grampy smiled,  “By the way, what brings you kiddies all the way to this island?”

 “We were on our way to the nearest docks to England so we could get to Siberia from there. But we got attacked by Blackbeard and-” Miranda explained when Grampy raised his hand, gesturing the princess to be quiet.
 “You don't need to explain anymore of this, I understand your story fully.” Grampy said when suddenly, he heard the screeching sound of a tea kettle in the kitchen.
 “Oh, that must be my tea kettle!” Quintin ran out the bedroom door and scurried to the kitchen.
 “And perhaps the food,” Grampy ran out as well.
 “I call the chicken leg!” Everyone else ran out as well, except for Miranda, Marcy, and the sleeping Sam.
 Miranda and Marcy glanced at each other with confused expressions on their faces.
 All of a sudden, they could hear voices coming from outside of the boat.

 Miranda poked her head out the window, then did Marcy, “Over there,” Marcy pointed to a group of shadowy silhouettes emerging from the jungle.
 Marcy observed at the silhouettes until she got a clear image of them, then noticed that each of them had fangs sticking out of their mouths, “Vampires!” Marcy gasped quietly as Miranda placed a finger over her mouth; gesturing her to be quiet, and hid under the window.
 “Vampires?! How many are there?” Miranda questioned as she looked up at the window.
 Marcy took a deep breath before answering, “I didn't see them quite clearly, but I have to guess that there are three of them walking this way.”
 “Are they Thanatos's soldiers? If they are, what the hell are they doing on this island?”
 “I'm not too sure.”
 “Wait, did Grampy say something about having a couple of people over?” Miranda asked when Marcy slowly nodded.

 Miranda looked out the window, “ looks like the vampires are carrying something with them.”
 “Dead bodies of Grampy's friends no doubt.” Marcy looked out the window beside Miranda.
 Miranda squinted her eyes at the vampires, they were going to the boat's entrance.
 “They're coming this way!”
 “We have to take some action now before they hurt everyone.” Marcy said when she looked up at Miranda, “You think we can handle them?”
 “You bet.” Miranda smiled as she began to climb out the window, while Marcy leaped out.
 They landed in front of the vampires, then aimed their weapons at them.

 “Don't take anymore steps on this boat.” Miranda commanded as she took out her sword and pointed it at the vampires.
 There was only silence.
 “That was an order, not a suggestion!” Marcy yelled as she aimed her rifle at one of the vampires.
 “Well boys...” the short vampire in the middle began, “Looks like we have to fight our way in.”
 The vampires put the supposed bodies aside, and clenched their fists.
 They then jumped into the air and attacked the two girls.
 Punches were thrown at each other, and kicks as well.

 They beat each other up black and blue until Grampy, Arthur, and Quintin ran outside to find the commotion.
 Grampy yelled at the top of his lungs, “What in tar nation is goin' on out here?!”
 The five stopped fighting to look up at the old man with surprised looks.
 “THEY STARTED IT!” the vampires pointed at the girls.
 “No, you attacked Grampy's friends and killed them, then you were gonna attack Grampy!” Marcy yelled back at them.
 “Look, there are the bodies!” Miranda pointed to the supposed bodies in the shadows.
 When Quintin shown a light on the object, it was revealed to be piles of fruits and vegetables.

 Miranda stammered in confusion, “But...I...”
 Marcy blushed in embarrassment,  “If those aren't dead bodies, then are you...?”
 “We're friends of Grampy.” a tall vampire answered with glee.
 Miranda stood up, “I'm so sorry for attacking you, and making false accusations about you.” “As am I.” Marcy added.
 “We're very sorry too. We thought you had Grampy trapped and we didn't know what was happening until you guys came along. I guess the jokes are on us as well.” the short vampire apologized.
 “Since you guys got off on the wrong foot, the way we can fix this problem is not only by introduce each other, but to explain what's goin' on before you guys decided to accuse each other.” Arthur reassured.
Miranda and Marcy glanced at each other before looking back at the three vampires.

 “In that case,” Miranda began as she held out her hand to the vampires, “I'm Miranda McLaura, and beside me is my friend, Marcy Xyloto.”
 The three vampires then gasped in amazement, dropping to their knees, and bend their bodies forward, as if they were bowing to her.
 “The princess is here!” the tall vampire with orange skin and large jaw said.
 “At last, we have a saviour to protect us from the vampire king.” the short vampire added, when Miranda suddenly froze from where she was standing.
 “Yeah,” the third vampire with pale blue skin and pointed chin agreed.
 Miranda's mind went blank for that moment...
 “She's the one that held off Count Thanatos...” that is what she remembered a person said back in Botta Hill.

 “She's my hero.” she heard a child's voice in her mind.
 But the last voice hit her like an arrow, “We will show her support as we did the queen in the past.”
 There was silence within her mind...
 “A saviour? Their only hope to stop Thanatos from reigning anymore terror? Is that what everyone sees me as?” She questioned herself, before taking a deep breath.
 “I'm no saviour...those innocent people put their trust within my hands...and I abandoned them when they needed my help most.” Miranda noticed tears within her eyes.
 “And worst of all,” she whimpered, almost crying within herself, “Those innocent people from the massacre were killed ten years ago, and I was too young and weak to do anything to help them. My mother's blood was on the lips of Thanatos, and I didn't do anything to stop him. Uncle Al...Catty...I watched them die in my arms when I should've helped them fight their battles. No...they were all my battles.”
 It was when Marcy inadvertently made her snap out of it by a single tap on the shoulder.

 “You know, these guys go way beyond our expectations, now don't they?” Marcy smiled at Miranda when she put on a fake smile.
 “Yeah, maybe they're not that bad after all.” Miranda complimented.
 “Hey Grampy! The food's getting cold.” Sonny interrupted as he ran outside of the boat.
 Then he turned his attention to the three vampires, “Who are they?” he asked.
 “Oh...we haven't introduced ourselves yet, have we? My name is Movan, and these two are my older brothers, Marco,” the short vampire pointed to his brother with the large jaw, “and Flea.” he then pointed to the pale blue skinned vampire, who happened to be picking his nose.
 “Um hello, our delicious, wonderful food is getting cold.” Sonny yelled the group.
 “Right, we're coming.” Miranda replied, wearing the same fake smile.

 “Okay boys, bring in the fruits and vegetables.” Grampy ordered as the three did so.
 As Miranda walked behind her peers when she frowned from what she thought about moments ago.
 Beside her, Marcy could sense sadness in Miranda's eyes and soul.
 “This is unlike her, what happened?” Marcy questioned herself as she looked away.
Chapter 13: Grampy Miggins
A new chapter of The Last Human
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